Mobile Text Messages

Text messages from SAP Business One to mobile phones.

Our solution is deeply integrated into SAP Business One.

You can text a mobile phone from any form:

  • Business Partners (Customers, Vendors, Leads, Contacts)

- “Dear Customer, we have a big  Sale next monday!”

  • Employees – “Danny, call me when you arrive at the customer”
  • Documents – “Delivery was issued, your item will be delivered on 5/7/2012”

Automatic texting from any system form.

  • Text customers and vendors automatically when a document  was issued for them.

Mass texting according to any Query.

  • Use SAP Business One Query Generator to text mobile phones.
  • Use our solution to schedule a mass text sending according to a query

You can use any of your system for automatic mass texting.

  • Send a monthly update to customers about their balance.
  • Remind your customers to schedule their periodic service.
  • Send “Happy birthday!” to your employees.

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